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I got my final paycheck today from Allegiance. Now the only contact with them will be for my W2 next year. I had over 111 hours of EPT time they had to pay me for, even after the 7 days I took for Pennsic in August. Shows you how little time I did take off from work.

Am I excited about my new job? Not really, I hate the learning curve; but I am tired of sitting around the house, so I'm relieved to be getting back to work. I also really hate being a newbie. I'll get over it and be fine in a couple of weeks.

Bjorn's work blew up this past week (they let someone go and everyone is pitching in to make up the time) and he was unable to take this week off with me. His schedule is going to change as well. We're going to have a rough couple of months settling in. Let's just say I'm not making any long range plans until everything schedules out.

I have put the time off to good use, getting some writing done as well as a scroll for Spring Feast. The house is much cleaner, although I'm going to spend the weekend finishing up a few things. I was also able to find my seeds from last year and went out and got some grow lights, pots and dirt. I plan to start my seeds indoors this weekend as well, maybe even today.

I've been trying to get a hold of Jake since the 8th, that boy is never home. I'd hoped now that Debbie and Ryan were there, he'd be around more. I'll continue to try.

Mom went in and had her knee replaced. She's doing really well, but is in a lot of pain right now. Dad calls every morning to talk, I think he misses having her around the house. It's really nice to have a little chat with him, most of the time I talk with mom. Mom should be home some time this weekend.

I'm really excited about Sam getting me a drum while he's down at Estrella. They should be home sometime next week. A few of us are planning to get together at least once a month for a drumming circle. May even turn guild night into drumming practice. We'll see, really up to Sam and Elise.


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