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Lotions, Potions and PFM - The Crooked Willow
Wonderings of a Wood Wife
Lotions, Potions and PFM
Spent yesterday making soap, lotion and PFM. This should be enough to last us through the winter, until we can get back out in the mountains and do some wildcrafting. I'm out of arnica, yarrow, and I need to make a fresh jar of oil of Gilead next spring. I'm also going to try and dry my comfrey next weekend in the hopes of not having to wait to make the PFM until end of August beginning of September. Spending time with friends, making salsa with tomatoes from the garden and making lotions, potions, soap and balm was wonderful! The jury is still out on the soap. I'll have to try again in a couple of weeks. The lye didn't heat up as high as I would have liked and I'm not sure it's going to cure correctly...we'll see.


While making the PFM I was reminded of the "friend" I invited over to make balm a couple of years ago. She's turned making it into a business, which isn't the thing that upsets me, more power to her. What pisses me off is she makes it sound like she's been doing this for over 18 years, that she has all this experience and knowledge, and didn't manage to give me any of the credit for teaching her. When we met she didn't know the difference between arnica and a daisy nor where to find it, she got her comfrey from my garden and I'm sure she hasn't got a clue what oil of gilead is made from, nor did she know how to turn what she had into a healing salve...but according to her website, she was taught by an old Indian woman back when she was in college (probably in some damn cave where the secrets were revealed under a peyote haze). I'll have you know I don't have any Native American ancestry and OLD!!! my ass..well ok...maybe the OLD part..but that's it and it was only 3 years ago! She also claims to be "ethically wildcrafting" I wonder if she understands what that means. It certainly doesn't mean to walk up and yank up all the flowers in the field until there are none left and ask me if I want what you have left over.
Why is it some people try to get by with lies when the truth works just as well if not better! She keeps making the wrong choices and karma is kicking her in the ass!
*end RANT*

sorry had to get that out of my system...that is until next year when I'm reminded again!

Note: PFM (pure fuck'n magic)

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