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Labor Day Weekend - The Crooked Willow
Wonderings of a Wood Wife
Labor Day Weekend
Plans have changed, with the smoke being so daunting this week, we are not going to head to lake placid or the Lochsa. Instead Michelle and I are going to get together and make lotions. potions, salves and soaps. I'm making castile soap, goat's milk (luxury bar) soap and some huckleberry marble soap for this winter and Yule gifts. I'll be making my PFM (pure fuck'n magic) salve because I have such a hue and cry for it right now.Everyone seems to be out of what I gave them and need more. The comfrey in the garden has been ready for weeks and I've got dried arnica and yarrow from this spring. Gallons of olive oil, lots of beeswax and I'm set. I've got lots of jars and tins saved as well as my order from the supplier has arrived, so it's time to get busy. Now where did I put those soap molds???

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